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Udall slams sequestration impact on Springs bases

Published: November 7, 2013, 4:51 pm, by Tom Roeder

At a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting Thursday, Colorado’s Democratic Sen. Mark Udall slammed sequestration budget cuts on the military.

Sequestration is a series of across-the-board cuts to Pentagon spending that will carve more than $500 billion from the Defense Department over 10 years. They hit as another $500 billion in planned defense cuts took holdRaymond Odierno, Jonathan Greenert, James Amos, Mark Welsh III.

Service Chiefs, including Air Force Gen. Mark Welsh, have decried sequestration cuts, because they don’t allow services to manage money by cutting deeper in some areas while sparing others.

“I’ll admit that I’m frustrated that this committee has once again asked you to come up and to testify about the harm caused by sequestration. We in the Congress created this monster, and we keep dragging you up to the Hill to have you tell us how much damage that it’s done,” Udall said. “I’ve met recently with my constituents in the great community of Colorado Springs last month, and they made it real clear to me that they’re tired of Congress’ unwillingness to compromise and to solve the problem and that view’s echoed everywhere I travel. The bottom line is that we all know that we’ve done serious harm to critical programs and our people and it’s so very clear that none of this is really going to save us any money.”

Udall grilled Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno on budget cut impacts on Colorado Springs.

“The impact on local and state government is substantial,” Odierno told him.