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Navy floats its new stealth boat

Published: October 29, 2013, 4:37 pm, by Tom Roeder

ZumwaltThe DDG-1000 hit the water in Maine Tuesday, heralding an era of new strange-looking stealth craft.

The USS Zumwalt resembles a child from the union of a Civil War ironclad and and an At-At Walker from Star Wars.

The ship is designed with two auto-loading 155 mm guns that can fire rocket-assisted rounds 100 miles. It also will carry a load of missiles and Stealth Destroyeranti-submarine weapons.

Longer than two football fields, it will house a crew of 148 in its hull and carbon-fiber superstructure.

“The future USS Zumwalt is a first of class ship for the Navy’s next generation destroyer. Zumwalt class ships are tailored for sustained operations in the littorals and land attack, and will provide independent forward presence and deterrence, support special Stealth Destroyeroperations forces, and operate as an integral part of joint and combined expeditionary forces,” the Navy said in a news release.    

The new ship isn’t pretty, but the Navy is betting it will outclass the rest of the world. 

It also represents a major technology breakthrough.

The best things about the Zumwalt can’t be seen in these photos. It has an all-electric Stealth Destroyerdrive system that generates enough electricity to fire magnetic cannons that are under development.

And that freakish wheelhouse hides what hangs out on every other ship — radio, satellite and radar antennae.

The new ship is off to an odd start. It’s Oct 19 christening was cancelled due to the government shutdown and it hit the water Tuesday with no fanfare.

Stealth DestroyerThe Navy says it will christen Zumwalt at a later date.