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Keep sending us your Waldo Scrapbook submissions!

Published: June 5, 2013, 2:35 pm, by Ryan Handy

Shauna Hoey, a resident of Parkside, sent us a series of poems and songs about her home, which she lost during the Waldo Canyon fire.

Here’s one of Shauna’s songs:

Mountain Shadows Prayer

The trees tell the story of a fire roaring through.  Beautiful trees once standing now skeletons remain.

Ribbon of Your presence, come to this place.  Find Your way through the ashes to touch this parched place.  Touch each pile of rubble with your sweet embrace.  Bring beauty from the ashes.  Let it be a song of grace. 

We are broken hearted, torn from so much loss.  As we sift through the ashes and stand upon this loss.   Staring at the rubble, nothing to say, searching for a treasure does anything remain?

Ribbon of your presence, wind your way around our hearts, for our emptiness screams anguish as we reach to touch what’s lost.  May the memories that haunt us turn to treasures to hold dear. 

We are broken hearted, seared from so much grief.  As we begin a chapter of building something new, excavate the darkness and heal our hearts anew. 

Ribbon of your presence as you restore this broken place, may the beauty from the ashes be the song to declare Your grace.

Shauna Hoey    2012           

We already have several great photos from local photographers and Mountain Shadows residents commemorating the fire. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Be a part of The Gazette’s special coverage of the Waldo Canyon fire anniversary, and share with us your memories of the fire that changed our community.

We are putting together a Waldo Scrapbook to post on our website. We want your photos, videos, short written memories — anything that commemorates your experience of the fire.

The scrapbook is open to anyone with thoughts or memories to share. Please send your scrapbook submissions to waldo@gazette.com. Give us your name, where you live, and a few sentences that explain what you sent and why.