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Don’t be afraid to make a bold move

Published: September 9, 2013, 5:31 pm, by Matt Wiley

San Francisco’s Anquan Boldin is likely a top-5 receiver in your fantasy league after his Week 1 performance against the Packers. He had 13 receptions for 208 yards and a touchdown.

The thing to remember is that Boldin is not a top-10 fantasy receiver overall. If you have him on your roster – he will never have more value than he has right now, and you should consider trading him. Don’t get me wrong – I missed the boat on Boldin, and I would love to have him on my roster – but I would not be willing to deal an elite talent for him. Other owners might be willing to pay too much to acquire him. There were numerous running backs who had disappointing openers who will have better seasons than Boldin. Quick – without looking – can you name the NFL’s leading rusher heading into Monday night’s doubleheader? In general, running backs are more valuable to own than receivers. If you are in a league with impatient owners – target C.J. Spiller (41 rushing, 14 receiving) , Trent Richardson (47 rushing, 30 receiving) and Marshawn Lynch (43 rushing, 9 receiving). Nobody will want to give up on one of their top picks too early – so try to pull off a deal that consists of Boldin and another player for one of these three elite backs.

If you want to gamble a bit, the two players who had dreadful openers who instantly come to mind are Steven Ridley and David Wilson. Both fumbled the ball too much, both were benched and both are better long-term prospects than Boldin, who turns 33 on Oct. 3.

Don't hold on to Anquan Boldin for too long if you can get an elite player for him (photo by The Associated Press).

Don’t hold on to Anquan Boldin for too long if you can get an elite player for him (photo by The Associated Press).

Also consider that Boldin always starts hot with his new teams. In his NFL debut with the Cardinals, he had 10 catches for 212 yards and two touchdowns. He had six touchdowns over the final 15 games that season. In his first game with the Ravens, he had seven receptions for 110 yards. He had seven touchdowns over the final 15 games that campaign. Sunday was his first regular season game with San Francisco. You should expect him to score around six more touchdowns the rest of the way. Deal him while he is hot – before he plays Seattle next week.