• Fantasy isn’t reality … but reality can learn from fantasy

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    Denver's Knowshon Moreno should be playing elsewhere next season according to The Gazette's Matt Wiley. (Photos by The Associated Press).

    Denver’s Knowshon Moreno should be playing elsewhere next season according to The Gazette’s Matt Wiley. (Photos by The Associated Press).

    The Broncos would be foolish to pay to keep running back Knowshon Moreno.

    I love Moreno’s bounce-back story, I love the passion he plays with – but I would hate if he played for Denver next season.

    I did some number crunching and it makes no sense for Denver to invest in Moreno … and it equally makes no sense for Moreno to return to Denver when he could possibly get $3 million a season elsewhere.

    The Gazette’s Paul Klee wrote a column during the season about how these Broncos look like those Colts with Manning. And I agree 100 percent.

    The Broncos do look like the Colts – and that is part of the problem. Denver is too reliant on the offense. I hope they continue to be like the Colts, see below for explanation.

    Now back to running back – a look at the numbers:

    In 2005 Indianapolis running back Edgerrin James rushed for 1,506 yards on 360 carries with 13 TDs on the ground. He added 44 catches for 337 yards and a score.

    In 2013 Moreno rushed for 1,038 yards on 241 carries with 10 TDs on the ground. He added 60 catches for 548 yards and three scores.

    James spent eight seasons in Indianapolis, rushing for over 1,000 yards six times. In ’04 and ’05 he gained over 1,500 on the ground. James was clearly a more productive back than Moreno has ever been in his career.

    Moreno’s longest run of the season was 31 yards and he averaged 4.3 yards per carry. On 120 carries, teammate Montee Ball had a 45-yard run and he averaged 4.7 yards per carry. Ball is the more explosive runner. The Broncos have used high draft picks on Ball and Ronnie Hillman. It is time for them to produce and to let Moreno get a big payday in another NFL city.

    Oh,  in 2006, James signed a four-year deal worth $30 million … with the Cardinals. The deal was said to pay James $14.5 million in the first year through salary, signing bonus and a roster bonus.

    In 2006, the Colts (without James) won the Super Bowl. Is that a coincidence? Or did they spend their money wisely?

    The threat of Peyton Manning is what makes the running game go. And having Manning is why the Broncos should let Moreno go. The Broncos should use their money to add a thumper.

    Respond here or let me know what you think on twitter @MWCoyote.

    And yes, I am already crunching numbers for next fantasy football season.

  • Don’t believe all the Patriots hype

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    I didn’t draft any Patriots on my playoff fantasy team. I believe that the biggest myth in sports is that the Patriots are still elite. Did you know that since 2005 the Patriots are 9-7 in the playoffs and have zero Super Bowl titles. Also, in the last nine years they have signed more high-profile busts than contributors. Albert Haynesworth, Brandon Lloyd, Chad Ochocinco and Tim Tebow to name a few. Sure, someone could say at least they make it to the playoffs ‑- and in the NFL that is all that matters — but I don’t believe that they are elite. Tom Brady is elite and he always gives his team a chance, but the Patriots’ success is largely because of their terrible division.

    Tom Brady is the No. 1 reason the Patriots are always good. But they aren't elite. (Photo by The Associated Press)

    Tom Brady is the No. 1 reason the Patriots are always good. But they aren’t elite anymore, according to Matt Wiley (@MWCoyote). (Photo by The Associated Press)

    Since 2005, the Bills are 54-90 (no playoff berths), the Dolphins are 62-82 (one playoff) and the Jets are 69-75 (two playoffs) – no other division in the NFL has been as dreadful in a league of parity. That plays a huge factor in to why the Patriots always make it to the playoffs. To New England’s credit, they do what they are supposed to and give themselves a shot. As Paul Klee put it, they beat up on Larry, Curly and Moe (be sure to follow Paul @Klee_Gazette on Twitter).

    One could argue that the Patriots have at least drafted well to keep their “dynasty” in tact. That would be inaccurate. Below is a year-by-year look at the Patriots’ drafts.

    2005 draft – anchor to O-line – Pro Bowl player 1 Logan Mankins, OL, Fresno State – great player – a Pro Bowler 3 Ellis Hobbs, CB, Iowa State 3 Nick Kaczur, OL, Toledo 4 James Sanders, FS, Fresno State 5 Ryan Claridge, LB, UNLV 7 Matt Cassel, QB, USC – Did make the Pro Bowl, but his stops with the Chiefs and Vikings make you wonder if it was because of the system 7 Andy Stokes, TE, William Penn

    2006 – got a kicker 1 Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota 2 Chad Jackson, WR, Florida 3 Dave Thomas, TE, Texas 4 Garrett Mills, TE, Tulsa 4 Stephen Gostkowski, K, Memphis – OC 5 Ryan O’Callaghan, OL, California 6 Jeremy Mincey, DL, Florida 6 Dan Stevenson, OL, Notre Dame 6 Le Kevin Smith, DL, Nebraska

    2007 – whole lotta nothing 1 Brandon Meriweather, FS, Miami (Fla.) 4 Kareem Brown, DL, Miami (Fla.) 5 Clint Oldenburg, OL, Colorado State 6 Justin Rogers, OLB, Southern Methodist 6 Mike Richardson, CB, Notre Dame 6 Justise Hairston, RB, Central Connecticut State 6 Corey Hilliard, OL, Oklahoma State 7 Oscar Lua, LB, USC 7 Mike Elgin, OL, Iowa 7 Willie Andrews, CB, Baylor

    2008 – Stud linebacker 1 Jerod Mayo, ILB, Tennessee – Was even better before his injury 2 Terrence Wheatley, CB, Colorado 3a Shawn Crable, OLB, Michigan 3b Kevin O’Connell, QB, San Diego State 4 Jonathan Wilhite, CB, Auburn 5 Matt Slater, KR, UCLA 6 Bo Ruud, ILB, Nebraska

    2009 – tons of picks … tons of nothing 2a Pat Chung, SS, Oregon 2b Ron Brace, DT, Boston College 2c Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut 2d Sebastian Vollmer, OL, Houston – started over 50 games 3a Brandon Tate, WR, North Carolina 3b Tyrone McKenzie, LB, South Florida 4 Rich Ohrnberger, OL, Penn State 5 George Bussey, OL, Louisville 6a Jake Ingram, LS, Hawaii 6b Myron Pryor, DT, Kentucky 7a Julian Edelman, WR, Kent State 7b Darryl Richard, DT, Georgia Tech

    2010 – Best draft of the past 8 years? 1 Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers 2a Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona – Had injury concerns in college – has been hurt in NFL 2b Jermaine Cunningham, OLB, Florida 2c Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida – good player, as long as he is on time 3 Taylor Price, WR, Ohio 4 Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida – Had character issues in college – will never play in NFL again 5 Zoltan Mesko, P, Michigan 6 Ted Larsen, C, NC State 7a Thomas Welch, OT, Vanderbilt 7b Brandon Deaderick, DL, Alabama 7c Kade Weston, DL, Georgia 7d Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State

    2011 draft – good offensive lineman and a RB who was drafted behind another RB 1 Nate Solder, OT, Colorado – Anchor, quality pick 2a Ras-I Dowling, DB, Virginia 2b Shane Vereen, RB, Cal 3a Stevan Ridley, RB, LSU 3b Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas 5a Marcus Cannon, OL, TCU 5b Lee Smith, TE, Marshall 6 Markell Carter, OLB, Central Arkansas 7 Malcolm Williams, CB, Marshall

    2012 – After the first round … any contributors? 1a Chandler Jones, DE, Syracuse 1b Dont’a Hightower, LB, Alabama 2 Tavon Wilson, S, Illinois 3 Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas 6 Nate Ebner, DB, Ohio State 7a Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska 7b Jeremy Ebert, WR, Northwestern

    2013 – Too early to tell, but Collins looks like a keeper 2a Jamie Collins, OLB, Southern Miss 2b Aaron Dobson, WR, Marshall 3a Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers 3b Duron Harmon, SS, Rutgers 4 Josh Boyce, WR, TCU 7 Michael Buchanan, DE/OLB, Illinois 7 Steve Beauharnais, LB, Rutgers

    Are there a combined 10 Pro Bowls for the 51 players drafted above? How does this team keep getting credit as a dynasty? As Paul (@Klee_Gazette on Twitter)  also pointed out – all the Patriots on NFL Network and ESPN must factor into this myth.   For all the credit coach Bill Belichick gets for being a genius, the Patriots have not usually signed elite free agents, have not drafted well beyond the second round and their record is inflated because Brady is so good and their division is so bad. The last time the Patriots won a Super Bowl Donovan McNabb was throwing up on the field and Terrell Owens had yet to play for the Cowboys or Bengals. Tim Tebow hadn’t even played a game yet – at Florida.

    Colin Kaepernick could lead me to a fantasy football playoff title.

    San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick could lead me to a fantasy football playoff title. (Photo by The Associated Press)

    In case you are wondering, I had the third pick in my playoff fantasy draft and I took Colin Kaepernick. He is playing his third playoff game this weekend and he has a chance to play in four games. No other quarterback left in the playoffs has that opportunity.

  • Move on from early-season darling Cameron

    Tue, November 5, 2013 by Matt Wiley with no comments

    With your trade deadline likely here this week, it might be time to make a move for your playoff push.

    If you have Cleveland tight end Jordan Cameron on your fantasy team he was probably one of the reasons you were successful earlier this season. As you know if you own him, he has been a dud lately.

    Fantasy owners have not seen Cleveland tight end Jordan Cameron in the end zone as much in the past month. (Photo by The Associated Press).

    Fantasy owners have not seen Cleveland tight end Jordan Cameron in the end zone as much in the past month. (Photo by The Associated Press).

    In his first four games he had 30 receptions for 360 yards and five touchdowns.

    In his past five games he has 20 receptions for 240 yards and one touchdown.

    Deal him to someone who just remembers his early-season success and looks at his overall numbers. When you make the offer, fib and say you hate to pull the trigger and give up on Cameron – but you have to because he is on a bye this week.

    Acquire a player at another position to give your team a boost and then go pick up Tampa Bay tight end Tim Wright. Wright has scored in each of the past two games and has 24 targets in the past four weeks. Cameron also has 24 targets the past month. Wright is getting better with fellow rookie Mike Glennon at quarterback while Cameron is struggling as defenses adjust to him, and the Browns have spotty quarterback play.

    Don’t be afraid to move on from Cameron if you can get a player who will help you.

  • You might not want to watch if you use Ryan or Jacobs; want to play fantasy hoops?

    Sat, October 19, 2013 by Matt Wiley with no comments

    You should avoid using Matt Ryan on your fantasy team this week. (Photo by The Associated Press).

    You should avoid using Matt Ryan on your fantasy team this week. (Photo by The Associated Press).

    If you have Matt Ryan or Brandon Jacobs on your fantasy team – look for alternatives this week.

    In Atlanta, Roddy White is missing the first game of his career, Julio Jones is out for the season. Ryan’s receivers are expected to be Harry Douglas, Kevin Cone, Drew Davis and Brian Robiskie. Tampa Bay’s defense is allowing 247.8 yards per game passing and has allowed eight passing touchdowns with six interceptions in five games.   Everything adds up to a bad fantasy week for Ryan.

    Giants running back Brandon Jacobs (hamstring) did not practice Saturday and is questionable against the Vikings according to The New York Post. With Jacobs playing Monday there is a chance he plays – but you might not want to risk it. Fill your lineup now,  just in case, so you aren’t scrambling Monday. If you gamble on Jacobs and lose – you will likely have to use Peyton Hillis, Michael Cox or Toby Gerhart as a Monday night filler at running back.

    Fantasy basketball

    I have a few fantasy basketball drafts coming up soon.  Rotisserie leagues are so much different than head-to-head. I enjoy both, but I have had success using drastically different approaches for each. In roto, I try not to finish last in any category. For example, I won’t draft Dwight Howard in roto because he hurts free-throw percentage too much (I promise it has nothing to do with being a fan of the Lakers. Leaving the Lakers took guts – but no glory). In a head-to-head, I don’t care about free throws because Howard is so good accumulating numbers in field goal percent, rebounds and blocks.

    Would any of you be interested in a Gazette fantasy basketball league? The football league is a lot of fun, and we have had great reader interaction with the football pick’em. If you guys want to do one – let me know and I will start one up.

  • Sometimes the stars just align

    Sat, October 5, 2013 by Matt Wiley with no comments

    Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis has justifiably been dropped in numerous leagues I am in. He is only averaging 2.7 yards per carry on 52 carries and he has a banged up knee. I am holding on to him – at least one more week. He could have his best game of the season Sunday and I am actually inserting him in my lineup. Here is my thinking:

    BenJarvus Green-Ellis could be in for a big week against his former team. (Photo by The Associated Press)

    BenJarvus Green-Ellis could be in for a big week against his former team. (Photo by The Associated Press)

    1. He is facing his former team in the Patriots. He has never faced the Patriots. If the Bengals get the ball inside the 5-yard line, I expect Green-Ellis to carry the load instead of rookie Giovani Bernard. Coaches tend to let players excel against their former teams.

    2. The Patriots lost their best run stopper in Vince Wilfork. As he says, his two biggest strengths are: strength and chahm. I fully expect the Bengals to try and pound the ball against New England and not get into a shootout. The Patriots are allowing 4.1 yards per carry with Wilfork, so I expect that number to go up Sunday.

    If you can think of a player who is due for a breakout – please share it here.

  • You want a sleeper, here is a sleeper

    Thu, September 26, 2013 by Matt Wiley with no comments

    Almost everyone I know is in search of another running back on their fantasy football team. You can’t have too many good ones. One player to keep an eye on is Arizona’s Andre Ellington. I am not a huge fan of Cardinals’ starter Rashard Mendenhall and sooner or later I think Ellington has a shot to take over the starting job. Granted, the Cardinals don’t have the strongest offensive line, but I would rather take a risk on Ellington than a guy in a committee like New England’s Brandon Boldin or Atlanta’s Jason Snelling. Boldin and Snelling are useful fantasy fill-in players – but Ellington is viewed by coach Bruce Arians “as a back who can carry the load.” Everything is pointing up for this runner.

    Arizona's Andre Ellington could be the "it guy" in fantasy a month from now (Photo by The Associated Press).

    Arizona’s Andre Ellington could be the “it addition” in fantasy a month from now (Photo by The Associated Press).

    I drafted Ellington in my dynasty league and, after his injury-plagued preseason, I didn’t think I would get much out of him this year. He was buried behind Mendenhall, Ryan Williams, Alfonso Smith and Stepfan Taylor. He is currently No. 2 on the depth chart and I have to think that will change. In the past two games, Ellington has seven carries for 39 yards and five receptions for 78 yards and a touchdown. That’s 12 touches for 117 yards and a score. Ellington is lightning in a bottle and if he starts getting 12-15 touches a game – I expect production. He is the most explosive running back on the Cardinals’ roster.

    Don’t expect too much in the next four games with Arizona facing San Francisco and Seattle over that span – but by Oct. 27 I would not be stunned if Ellington is Arizona’s starting running back. Again, I would not give up too much for him today – he is a risk – but acquiring the rookie now could help you a month from now. If he doesn’t take the jump – simply drop him and move on.

  • Don’t be afraid to make a bold move

    Mon, September 9, 2013 by Matt Wiley with no comments

    San Francisco’s Anquan Boldin is likely a top-5 receiver in your fantasy league after his Week 1 performance against the Packers. He had 13 receptions for 208 yards and a touchdown.

    The thing to remember is that Boldin is not a top-10 fantasy receiver overall. If you have him on your roster – he will never have more value than he has right now, and you should consider trading him. Don’t get me wrong – I missed the boat on Boldin, and I would love to have him on my roster – but I would not be willing to deal an elite talent for him. Other owners might be willing to pay too much to acquire him. There were numerous running backs who had disappointing openers who will have better seasons than Boldin. Quick – without looking – can you name the NFL’s leading rusher heading into Monday night’s doubleheader? In general, running backs are more valuable to own than receivers. If you are in a league with impatient owners – target C.J. Spiller (41 rushing, 14 receiving) , Trent Richardson (47 rushing, 30 receiving) and Marshawn Lynch (43 rushing, 9 receiving). Nobody will want to give up on one of their top picks too early – so try to pull off a deal that consists of Boldin and another player for one of these three elite backs.

    If you want to gamble a bit, the two players who had dreadful openers who instantly come to mind are Steven Ridley and David Wilson. Both fumbled the ball too much, both were benched and both are better long-term prospects than Boldin, who turns 33 on Oct. 3.

    Don't hold on to Anquan Boldin for too long if you can get an elite player for him (photo by The Associated Press).

    Don’t hold on to Anquan Boldin for too long if you can get an elite player for him (photo by The Associated Press).

    Also consider that Boldin always starts hot with his new teams. In his NFL debut with the Cardinals, he had 10 catches for 212 yards and two touchdowns. He had six touchdowns over the final 15 games that season. In his first game with the Ravens, he had seven receptions for 110 yards. He had seven touchdowns over the final 15 games that campaign. Sunday was his first regular season game with San Francisco. You should expect him to score around six more touchdowns the rest of the way. Deal him while he is hot – before he plays Seattle next week.


  • You have to go way back to beat Thursday’s Peyton Manning combo

    Fri, September 6, 2013 by Matt Wiley with no comments

    A few of my friends said they have never seen anything like the carnage Peyton Manning (452 yards, seven touchdowns, zero interceptions) created in fantasy football on Thursday night. As David Ramsey says, with Manning anything is possible. People I know faced either Manning and Wes Welker (nine receptions, 67 yards and two touchdowns) or Manning and Demaryius Thomas (five catches 161 yards and two touchdowns). I have not yet heard from anyone who faced all three.

    Anyway, I was asked, “Have you ever seen anything like this?” and my answer is: Actually, yes. There was one combo, that I can remember, that was EASILY better than Manning and Thomas on Thursday.

    Joe Montana to Jerry Rice is the best single-game fantasy combo I can remember. (Photo by The Associated Press).

    Joe Montana to Jerry Rice is the best single-game fantasy combo I can remember. (Photo by The Associated Press).

    In 1990, Joe Montana passed for 476 yards and six touchdowns and Jerry Rice had 13 receptions for 225 yards and five touchdowns against the Bengals. I remember it so well because I was facing those two (yes, I have been playing fantasy football for a long time).

    I also know people who had Julius Thomas (five receptions, 110 yards and two touchdowns) on their bench this week – ouch. That has to hurt almost as much as this headline hurt the person who wrote it. As a headline writer – I feel for the person who did this. I honestly do. I know they feel terrible today and I can somewhat relate. …  As with the headline and with facing Manning and Thomas this week in fantasy – what is done is done and you have to move on. It was only only week.

    I am sure there are other combos that rank highly for a one-game all-time performance that I am forgetting. If you can remember a combo – please share it here.

    Good luck this weekend.

  • Players you should keep tabs on this weekend …

    Tue, September 3, 2013 by Matt Wiley with no comments

    You probably won’t need to make any pickups this week since you likely just finished your draft – but here are a few players who you should monitor this week. I am guessing none of these guys are currently owned in your leagues – one or two of them could be worth a roster spot a week from now.

    Robert Woods, WR , Buffalo: The Bills are going through another rebuilding stage with a rookie quarterback in EJ Manuel, but veteran Kevin Kolb thinks the team has a solid rookie in Woods that Manuel can grow with. Buffalo isn’t predicted to play with a lead a lot, and Woods could be the beneficiary. Yards are yards in fantasy and the score doesn’t matter. It wouldn’t be surprising if he enters 2014 as the team’s top WR.

    Patrick Edwards, WR, Detroit: The Lions’ depth chart lists Edwards as the starter opposite Calvin Johnson on a team that has more passing attempts than any other the past two season. The Lions also signed running back Reggie Bush, who is a great receiver. … Basically a starting receiver who will always face single-coverage in a high-octane offense is available in your league. Go sign him. Nate Burleson was the incumbent No. 2 receiver, but like many things – it was just time to move on.

    Ace Sanders is Jacksonville's slot receiver who is an excellent punt returner. (Photo by The Associated Press).

    Ace Sanders, below, is Jacksonville’s slot receiver. He is an excellent punt returner. (Photo by The Associated Press)

    Ace Sanders, WR , Jacksonville: With Justin Blackmon suspended for the first few games, someone has to step up for the Jaguars. This is another team that likely won’t have the lead, so either Sanders or Mike Brown could be worth an add. Sanders had a decent preseason, not spectacular, but us journalists need to stick together.

    Anthony Fasano, TE, Chiefs: The funny thing about fantasy sports is how the trickle-down effect is sometimes ignored. Many think Dwayne Bowe is going to struggle because they view Alex Smith as a quarterback who doesn’t take many chances down the field - but then those same people don’t boost Fasano’s value for playing with Smith. Smith likes to throw to running backs and tight ends. Fasano is the starting tight end – don’t overthink it.

    Isaiah Pead, RB, St. Louis: Watch how Daryl Richardson plays against Arizona. If he struggles, the Rams could turn to Pead in the next few weeks.

    Jacksonville’s defense: The Jaguars play the Raiders in Week 2 – so really watch Oakland against Indianapolis to see if you want the defense facing the Raiders each week. It will be interesting to see if  Oakland is as terrible as many expect. Jacksonville might be at the top available defense in Week 2.

    The most important thing about Week 1 is to not over think your team. If you have been banging your head against the wall all week because you are considering benching Aaron Rodgers because he is facing the 49ers – you might want to quit playing fantasy football. You are going to be too stressed all season. You drafted Aaron Rodgers to play him in the opener.


    If you want to play pick’em (just pick the winners) against The Gazette for a chance to get your picture in the paper -  You must have a Yahoo account. Once you have one go here:  http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem - the Group ID# is 9037 and the Password is: football.

  • Is there a serious dislike for the Eagles in fantasy football?

    Tue, August 27, 2013 by Matt Wiley with no comments

    Do you have a hard time rooting for Riley Cooper or Michael Vick, right, in fantasy football? (Photo by The Associated Press)

    Do you have a hard time rooting for Riley Cooper or Michael Vick, right, in fantasy football? What about their teammates? (Photo by The Associated Press)

    I was talking to a friend who doesn’t play fantasy football and I told him I had completed three drafts in the past week. After he told me I have way too much free time – he asked if anyone selected Michael Vick. I explained that Vick was selected in every league. Then he asked about Riley Cooper. I let him know that Cooper is on a run-heavy team and he wouldn’t put up solid fantasy numbers, so he wasn’t drafted. He said that he wouldn’t select either because of Vick and Cooper’s off-the-field incidents. He said that he simply couldn’t root for those guys.

    It got me thinking how the Eagles are perceived. I went and looked up Vick’s average draft position – he averaged the 113th player taken in my three leagues.  Despite being a starting NFL receiver, Cooper went undrafted in all three. In comparison, Seattle’s Percy Harvin (who is out for at least the first six weeks of the season) was drafted in two leagues. Apparently Harvin’s hip injury is less of a red flag than Cooper’s baggage. If Jeremy Maclin would not have been injured does anyone think only one Eagles receiver would be drafted? I don’t.

    Philadelphia's DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy are being drafted too low in fantasy football. (Photo by The Associated Press)

    Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy are being drafted too low in fantasy football. (Photo by The Associated Press)

    So then I looked at other Eagles: LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson. McCoy averaged the ninth selection (I took him fifth, otherwise his average would have fallen to 11th), and Jackson’s average was 69th overall – and not a top 20 receiver.

    So let me get this straight – in a 10-person league no Eagles players averages to be a top-tier starter?

    McCoy is coming off a season where he rushed for only 840 yards and two touchdowns with 373 yards receiving and another three touchdowns – but that year followed a season where McCoy scored 20 touchdowns and amassed of 1,600 yards from scrimmage. Last year was just a down year and his talent says that wasn’t the real McCoy.

    Jackson had his worst season last year – but over his five-year career he averages roughly 955 yards and 4.6 touchdowns. Those numbers were playing with Maclin. His stats should improve with Maclin out.

    Granted, this is a small sample size  – but it is a bit telling that people overall might think less of the Eagles because of the despicable acts of two players.  You might be able to use this to your advantage and acquire an Eagle for less than what they are truly worth.

    What do you think? Where were Eagles taken in your draft? Do you refuse to take players in fantasy because of their actions off the field? I am interested in what you have to say. I don’t have problems taking players who will help me win – am I in the minority?
    You can comment here are send me an email at matt.wiley@gazette.com.