• Challenger Middle School teacher wins PBS digital award

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    A local teacher is among 100 nationwide to win on-demand digital media services from PBS.

    Philip  McIntosh, of Challenger Middle School, and ther others were chosen from hundreds of applicants for the 2014 Learning Media

    Digital Innovators program.  They were judged on videos and written essays  about their classroom use of digital teaching.

    McIntosh and the other winners will receive year-long processional development  in virtual training, access to exclusive resources, and other tools and training that can they be shared with other educators,  according to the email announcement from PBS.

    PBS provides  curriculum learning experiences that align with national and Common Core State Standards. For information visit pbslearningmedia.org.


  • Panel to point way to student success

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    How do kids succeed?

    Colorado Springs School District 11 is  hosting a panel discussion on how perseverance, curiosity, optimism and self control can help.

    The book “How Children Succeed” by Paul Tough will be the guide.

    The event will be held April 24,, 6 p.m. at the D-11 board room, 1115 N. El Paso.

    To be part of the live studio audience, RSVP at 520-2162. The first 40 people get a spot and free copy of the book.
    The event will be live streamed at wwwd11.org/tv, and on Comcast cable Ch. 16 and Falcon Broadband Ch. 73.
    To participate in the discussion form home, call 520-CHAT, join t he Facebook conversation at www.facebook.com/CSSd11 or follow live Twitter feed @CSSD11.

  • Three UCCS students win new John Suthers Scholarship

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    Three University of Colorado at Colorado Springs students majoring in criminal justice are the first recipients of the John Suthers Scholarship.

    April Rogers, a junior from Craig, and Isaac Abila, a junior from Pueblo, will receive $1,000 scholarships for the 2014-and 2015 academic year. They are the second and third students to receive the award.

    The first recipient, Don Apelo, a senior from Colorado Springs, received a $500 scholarship for the spring 2014 semester.

    Suthers, Colorado’s Attorney General, is a scholar-in-residence at UCCS and teaches criminal justice courses. Funded by donations to the CU Foundation, the annual scholarship is awarded to students who are committed to public service.





  • Teacher wins grant to take World War I history on the road

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    Kurt Skinner, a history  teacher at Colorado Springs Christian School has been awarded a $500 classroom grant to teach kids more about World War I.

    Skinner will use the money to purchase historic items for a traveling  World War I trunk to use in  history classes to teach about that era,  the Professional Association of Colorado Educators said in an email annoucement.

    He explained the project in his application: ” While we are entering the centenary of the First World War, no public collection of related artifacts, original or reproduction, exists in the Pikes Peak region.  I would like to start a collection of items that can be packaged in the form of a traveling history trunk to enhance study.”

    The Association  provides classroom grants and scholarships for teachers. The next application deadline is October 1, 2014.

  • State school board asks legislature to allow withdraw from PARCC

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    The  state Board of Education voted this week to ask the legislature to  allow Colorado to withdraw as a governing member of PARCC, so officials can create  an assessment aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards.

    Pursuant to state law, Colorado is a governing member of PARCC, a multi-state assessment consortium developing English language arts and mathematics assessments under Common Core.   Schools across the state are currently field-testing the PARCC assessments, which are scheduled for implementation in the spring of 2015.

    The Common Core standards, adopted by 44 states to help studeets think critically, have been widely criticized by school boards becuase tehy take away from local control of districts.

  • LGBT students at several area high schools to observe Friday’s ‘Day of Silence’ event

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    Students from Rampart, Pine Creek, Coronado, Palmer, Doherty, Sand Creek and Sierra High schools will be among the hundreds of thousands nationwide to raise awareness Friday about the pervasiveness of name-calling, bullying and harassment of lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender students.

    The annual event is sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network and calls on students to observe a day of silence — during non-instructional time or throughout the day. Their silence will illustrate “the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bias and behavior,” according to a statement from the organization.

    Last year, students from 8,000 high schools, middle schools and colleges participated.

    Students often wear shirts, stickers or buttons and hand out speaking cards to explain why they are remaining silent. The card reads:

    “Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I am participating in the Day of Silence, a national youth movement bringing attention to the silence faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies. My deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by anti-LGBT bullying, name-calling and harassment.

    “I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward building awareness and making a commitment to address these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hearing today.”

    According to the organization’s 2011 National School Climate Survey, more than eight out of 10 LGBT students, or 82 percent, are harassed at school each year because of their sexual orientation and 64 percent because of their gender expression.

  • Locally hosted foreign exchange student participating in a social media for social change tech camp

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    Yasser Adler Tamo De Lekelem, a foreign exchange student from Cameroon who is staying with a local host family, this week is participating in the Youth TechCamp at Champlain College in Burlington, Vt.

    The camp is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. It  teaches exchange students leadership and training skills that will enable them to teach social media for social change upon their return to their home countries. Students also will meet with industry professionals and trainers to gain insights of real-world applications of social and digital media, develop strategic action plans and receive training on advanced social and digital media platforms.

    Twenty-six students were selected for the program on a competitive basis, based on their participation in a Social Media for Social Change Campaign.

  • Colorado has three of the nation’s top 30 most affordable and highest rated online colleges

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    Three universities and colleges in Colorado have made the top 30 list of the nation’s highest rated and most affordable online colleges, released Tuesday by Affordable Online Colleges.

    The list recognizes schools with high academic standards and lower-than-average tuition for online education.

    Colorado State University in Fort Collins ranks 26th. Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs came in 19th. And the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley made the list as the15th best in the nation.

    The No. 1 spot goes to Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Click here for the full ranking of the top 30 schools.

  • Regional History Day Competition winners released

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    Colorado College hosted the 2014 Regional History Day Competition last Saturday.

    More than 600 area middle and high school students entered historical papers, websites, documentary, exhibit backboards and dramatic performance research projects related to the 2014 national theme: “Rights and Responsibilities in History.”

    First, second and third place winners in each category will go on to compete at the Colorado State History Day contest on May 3 at the University of Colorado, Denver Auraria Campus.

    Here are the winners:

    JUNIOR (Middle School) DIVISION

    3        Junior Group Documentary  Ryan Binkley, Nicholas Albrecht, David Duszynski, “Johnstown Flood of 1889”  Academy ACL

    2        Junior Group Documentary  Austin Marshall, Samuel Anderson, “The Dawn of a True Revolution: Storming of the Bastille”   Lewis-Palmer Middle School

    1        Junior Group Documentary  Gabriel Wright, Hayes Witherow, “Mohandas Gandhi and the Importance of the Salt March”   North Middle School

    3        Junior Group Exhibit  Katie Heaston, Hannah Held, “No Japanese Allowed: Rights and Responsibilities of Japanese Americans”  Lewis-Palmer Middle School

    2        Junior Group Exhibit  Halle Smith, Marisa Shigio, Rachel Willey, “Japanese-American Internment Camps”  Divine Redeemer

    1        Junior Group Exhibit  Julia LaForce, Michelle DeMoss, “Camp Amache: The City Separated By Barbed Wire”  Cheyenne Mountain Junior High

    1        Junior Group Performance Cristian  Granados, Patrick Rahill, Kenton McCurry, “The Bread and Roses Strike”  North Middle School

    3        Junior Group Website  Alex LaVerde, Victor Spalloni, Shane Oatman, Seth Dunham, “Women’s Suffrage: The Passage of the Nineteenth Amendment”   Lewis Palmer Middle School

    2        Junior Group Website  Jackson Rorex, Braden Michelson “O! The Fateful Stamp!”  Lewis-Palmer Middle School

    1        Junior Group Website  Layla Denissen, Madelyn Wible, Ashley Byrnes, “Locked Berlin”  Lewis-Palmer Middle School

    3        Junior Individual Documentary Margy  Schueler, “Range War; The Zoning Of Eastern El Paso County”  North Middle School

    2        Junior Individual Documentary  Sofia Wallisch, “Woodrow Wilson and his 14 points”  North Middle School

    1        Junior Individual Documentary  Misha Kummel, “The Rights and Responsibilities of a Free Press: A Comparison of the Freedom to Publish Governmental Secrets in the United States and the United Kingdom”                              North Middle School

    3           Junior Individual Exhibit  Joshua Fagan, “Rights, Responsibilities and the Reign of Hammurabi!”  Russell Middle School

    2        Junior Individual Exhibit  Ryan Bevins, “Tuskegee Airmen”  Russell Middle School

    1        Junior Individual Exhibit  Ailsa Young, “The Impact of the Compact: Taking Responsibility for a Right That’s Wrong”  Lewis-Palmer Middle School

    2        Junior Individual Performance  Anna Stellick, “Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom”  Academy ACL

    1        Junior Individual Performance  Svea Sendejo, “Deborah Sampson: Rights and Responsibilities of a Colonial Woman During the Revolutionary War”  Russell Middle School

    3        Junior Individual Website  Maisie Rice, “Votes for Women”                      Russell Middle School

    2        Junior Individual Website  Kristine Guy, “Guardians of the Species – Responsibilities and Rights of Zoos”   Monument Academy

    1        Junior Individual Website  John Walter, “Rights: The Triangle Fire”        Divine Redeemer

    3        Junior Paper  Liz Phillips, “Title IX: Equality in Athletics”                                   Lewis-Palmer Middle School

    2        Junior Paper  Elizabeth Myers, “Medieval Women: Rights and Responsibilities” Academy ACL

    1        Junior Paper  Emily Phaneuf, “Meaning of Citizenship: Athens vs. Sparta”      Lewis-Palmer Middle School

    SENIOR (High School)  DIVISION

    3        Senior Group Documentary  Ryan Courtney, Molly Malone, “Zionism: The Arab-Israeli Conflict”  Palmer Ridge High School

    2        Senior Group Documentary  Xavier Bower, Peter Pavlenko, Alex Bauer, Gavin Van Horn, “The Mark of the Black Hand”  Palmer High School

    1        Senior Group Documentary  Bryce Kuyper, Duncan Andrews, Jeremiah Hansen “Agent Orange: A Scientific Catastrophe”  Colorado Springs Christian Schools

    3        Senior Group Exhibit  Tiffany Campbell, Jessica Alvarado, Jamie Nielson, Responsiblities of Oskar Schindler”  Colorado Springs Christian Schools

    2        Senior Group Exhibit  Griffith Larson, Blake Ballentine, “The Impact of The Tuskegee Airmen: Rights and Responsibilities as U.S. Aviators”   Palmer Ridge High School

    1        Senior Group Exhibit  Molly Maier, Amanda Means, Emily Parker, Julia Tremaroli, “Colorado votes for women”  Palmer Ridge High School

    3          Senior Group Performance  Sean Jones, Patrick Jones, “Delphus E. Carpenter and Colorado’s River Compacts”        Palmer High School

    2        Senior Group Performance  Valerie Kleinhuizen, DeAnna Christensen “The Superior Struggle”  Palmer High School

    1        Senior Group Performance  Hope Bryer, Akiva Meolar, Britta Obenchain, Meghan Lastrella, “SHAC Attack; The Brutal Battle Between Animal Rights and Human Welfare”   CIVA

    3        Senior Group Website  Cole  Pappas, Danielle Wieland, “Discrimination in America”  Palmer Ridge High School

    2        Senior Group Website  Mitchell Cockell, Michael Cooper, CJ Lazarakis “The KKK in Colorado in the 1920′s as an Example of Human Rights Irresponsibility”  Palmer Ridge High School

    1        Senior Group Website  Sara Hartel, Cailey Baker, “Blood on their Hands: The Story of Belgium and the Congo”   Lewis Palmer High School

    3        Senior Individual Documentary  Sandra Luksic, “Genetic Testing in Indigenous Populations: Biopiracy or Scientific Obligation?”

    Palmer Ridge High School

    2        Senior Individual Documentary  Elena Martinez-Vivot, “Leopold’s Congo- A Story Hidden in Darkness”   The Colorado Springs School

    1          Senior Individual Documentary  Bridget Farwell,                             “The Ludlow Massacre: A Tragic Event with Positive Effect”   The Colorado Springs School

    3        Senior Individual Exhibit  Miranda  Brooks, “The Berlin Airlift”               Colorado Springs Christian School

    2        Senior Individual Exhibit  Julia Kerr, “Title IX: A “Game Changer” in Women’s Rights”  Palmer Ridge High School

    1        Senior Individual Exhibit  Ashlynn Smith, “Production or Reproduction? China’s One-Child Policy”   Cheyenne Mountain High School

    3        Senior Individual Performance  Lauren Dewey, “Dr. Caroline Spencer: Rocky Mountain Radical”  Palmer High School

    2        Senior Individual Performance  Emma Olpinski, “Our Rights and Responsibilities When Farming With Synthetic Substances”   Pine Creek High School

    1        Senior Individual Performance  Brianna Downs, “Hawaiian People, American Money”   Palmer Ridge High School

    3        Senior Individual Website  Ethan Rokke, “Fighting for Equilibrium: The Fragile Balance Between Rights and Responsibilities”  Palmer Ridge High School

    2        Senior Individual Website  Ivy Marple, “Camp Amache: The Wrongful Imprisonment of Japanese Americans in Granada, Colorado”   The Colorado Springs School

    1        Senior Individual Website  Deborah Wooton, “Arguing for Monkeys: The Scopes Trial”   Palmer High School

    3        Senior Paper  Quin  Waterbury, “Mary Mallon’s Trail of Typhoid: The Rights and Responsibilities Regarding America’s First Asymptomatic Typhoid Carrier”   Palmer High School

    2        Senior Paper  Kathryn Patrick, “Student Journalism in Colorado: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”  Palmer Ridge High School

    1        Senior Paper  Jacob Cheeseman, “The United Nations and the U.N. Partition Plan”   Palmer Ridge High School

  • How do boys learn?

    Tue, April 8, 2014 by Carol McGraw with no comments

    How do boys learn?

    Edmond Dixon, a human development expert and author of “Helping Boys Learn” has  presented  suggestions to help them succeed.

    Here are some of his tips:

      Learns Where the Action Is :Boys develop more brain-wiring for movement than girls at early ages. This is why they  fidget in class. But they want to be where the action is, so can sit for ver playing video games that have a lot of movement in them.

    Learns In the Game : Boys have profound learning experiences within the context of games because they receive a shot of testosterone when they set goals and achieve them. If they don’t think they can win in school because they aren’t smart enough, they will often refuse to play the game.

     Learns With Humor  Humor is an important tool for boys’ learning. It helps them feel comfortable with new concepts, engage in teamwork, and take on new challenges. It is a therefore a very effective way for adults to leverage boys’ interest and commitment to learning.

     Challenge : In their desire to release testosterone by winning,  boys are drawn to challenge challenge by which they discover things about themselves and their environment. When parents and teachers present challenges, they can improve the motivation and resilience of boys faced with  learning tasks.

     Mastery : A boy will work very hard to achieve  if  he sees the pathway and  is allowed to control the way he pursues it.  They want to know its usefulness.

     Meaning :Why do we have to learn this?” is more than a way for a  boy to avoid doing work. It is essential for him to understand the importance of the task at hand and where he fits into it. Boys long to commit themselves to “heroic” tasks if they see that their efforts can make a difference.

    In an email  promotion, Dixon suggests taking a quiz at helpingboyslearn.com.to  find out more about ways to  help male students succeed.