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How do boys learn?

Published: April 8, 2014, 10:31 am, by Carol McGraw

How do boys learn?

Edmond Dixon, a human development expert and author of “Helping Boys Learn” has  presented  suggestions to help them succeed.

Here are some of his tips:

  Learns Where the Action Is :Boys develop more brain-wiring for movement than girls at early ages. This is why they  fidget in class. But they want to be where the action is, so can sit for ver playing video games that have a lot of movement in them.

Learns In the Game : Boys have profound learning experiences within the context of games because they receive a shot of testosterone when they set goals and achieve them. If they don’t think they can win in school because they aren’t smart enough, they will often refuse to play the game.

 Learns With Humor  Humor is an important tool for boys’ learning. It helps them feel comfortable with new concepts, engage in teamwork, and take on new challenges. It is a therefore a very effective way for adults to leverage boys’ interest and commitment to learning.

 Challenge : In their desire to release testosterone by winning,  boys are drawn to challenge challenge by which they discover things about themselves and their environment. When parents and teachers present challenges, they can improve the motivation and resilience of boys faced with  learning tasks.

 Mastery : A boy will work very hard to achieve  if  he sees the pathway and  is allowed to control the way he pursues it.  They want to know its usefulness.

 Meaning :Why do we have to learn this?” is more than a way for a  boy to avoid doing work. It is essential for him to understand the importance of the task at hand and where he fits into it. Boys long to commit themselves to “heroic” tasks if they see that their efforts can make a difference.

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