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Summit planned to help increase STEM talent

Published: March 6, 2014, 10:13 am, by Carol McGraw


A new forum, STEM  High Education Council has been created  to better connect colleges with  business and industry.

Rob Denson, President of Des Moines Area Community College, will Chair the council with Martha Kanter to serve as Senior Advisor.  Kanter is the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Higher Education at New York University, having previously served as U.S.  under Secretary of Education.

A Summit “From Opportunity to Impact” will be held October 8, 2014.   Business and higher education leaders will showcase pioneering examples of partnerships that ensure student success in college and careers. Participants will share best-in-class STEM models of workplace learning through internships, co-op programs and mentorships, especially focused on engaging underrepresented populations, the announcement said.

The council is facilitated by STEMconnector, a  leadership forum of pubic and private colleges and universities focused on STEM education and careers.  Members include : Des Moines Area Community College, Arizona State University, Taft College, Austin Community College, Olin College of Engineering, Iowa State University, the Unives.

STEMconnector is a subsidiary of Diversified Search LLC — the nation’s largest woman-owned executive search firm. Learn more at STEMconnector.org. To find out how to become  involved with the STEM Higher Education Council, contact Ted Wells, Chief Strategy Officer, STEMconnector(R) at Ted.Wells@STEMconnector.org.