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List of Common Core adversaries continues to grow

Published: February 26, 2014, 10:01 am, by Carol McGraw

More and more school districts and states are expressing concern with  Common Core  standards.

The latest is the Georgia State Senate,which  passed legislation this week calling for a review of the controversial Common Core.  It passed 36-16.  Other states have also addressed it.

Colorado has not taken it up  yet, but three is a bill which would delay implementation for a year.

In the Pikes Peak region,  school boards have been asking fore reviews and condemning Common Core and other new mandates from the federal and state governments.

The latest resolution  being sent to the Colorado legislature to express that concern  was Lewis-Palmer School District 38.  Colorado Springs School District 11 board members  are also  discussing the issue.

Other new resolutions  were  passed by Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy and the Vanguard School, and James Irwin Charter Academy.

They say that all these measures are eroding the district’s local control of education in their communities, plus are expensive to implement on budgets that have been cut because of state budget woes the past few years.

Common Core standards are a way for students to demonstrate critical thinking. They originated in the national Governor’s Association and were adopted by states, often because they had to be in place to receive federal Race to the Top money.

Proponents that Common Core will help improve academics in the  United States which  has lagged badly behind some countries.