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Workshops on Native Nations offered in Leadville

Published: January 29, 2014, 3:52 pm, by Carol McGraw

If you are interested in Native Nations’ history, you might check out these classes.

Colorado Mountain College in Leadville will hold a series of seven workshops  in  March and April.

Judy Leaming,  attorney and educator who has worked with Indian Tribes for thirty years, will teach the course, according to an email announcement.

Those interested can sign up for all seven workshops at a discount or choose individual  sessions. There’s a discount for educators.

The first session, which is free, will be an  overview of the  workshops. It is scheduled for  Saturday, March 1, 10 a.m. to noon, and is offered to the community at no charge.  Professor Miskwa Yellowknife will be a speaker.

The other programs:

  • March 15 (Saturday 10 a.m. – noon):  Native Nations just before and at the time of first European contact (explorers, traders, colonists).
  • March 22 (Saturday 10 a.m. – noon):  European and American policies in Indian Country from first contact (treaties, removal, reservations) to contemporary times.
  • March 29 (Saturday 10 a.m. – noon):  Native Nations’ justice systems:  traditional dispute resolution. How the Anglo justice system was used to “teach civilization.”
  • April 5 (Saturday 10 a.m. – noon):  a tale of three sovereigns (Native Nations, the United States and individual states).
  • April 12 (Saturday 10 a.m. – noon):  assimilation strategies as tools for “civilizing” Native people (boarding schools, allotted lands, termination).
  • April 19 (Saturday 10 a.m. – noon): jurisdiction, alternative dispute resolution, justice systems, peacemaking. What court has the power to decide?
  • April 26 (Saturday 10 am – noon):  contemporary issues in Indian Country, from adoptions to resource development and gaming.

For more information,  contact Mary Lang at Colorado Mountain College (719-486-4292) or visit  www.cmcneverstoplearning.com.  To learn more about the discount for educators, contact Judy Green at 719-486-4258.