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What to do with old plastic milk jugs? Build an igloo, of course

Published: January 15, 2014, 10:37 am, by Debbie Kelley
Kids relax and read in Audubon Elementary's igloo

Kids relax and read in Audubon Elementary’s igloo

No need for Audubon Elementary School students to go to Alaska to play in an igloo.

They have one in their library.

OK, it’s not made of ice, but it looks real, and it works just fine for relaxing and reading.

Students who attend the Colorado Springs School District 11 school have been recycling empty plastic milk jugs for two months for a “secret” project that was revealed this week.

Three volunteers, library assistant Barb Meyer, parent Rebecca Valencia and school igloosupporter Cathy Hughes, spent eight hours hot gluing 420 milk jugs together to form an igloo for the students to read in.

Meyer decided to see how many second graders could fit in the igloo at one time. The answer: 36.

Students selected new books to read, and everyone is getting a chance to use the igloo.