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The new GED offers more help for education and careers

Published: January 10, 2014, 10:44 am, by Carol McGraw


The GED high school equivalency  test has been revamped.

The test, according to the testing service announcement, was rebuilt to measure critical thinking and problem skills and aligned to state and national college and career readiness standards.

The changes were made, testing officials announced,  because only 12 percent of GED graduates went on to get more education.

Among the changes according to  the test company  are:

–  academics to prepare students for the work world and higher education.

– A website with personalized study plans, skill assessments, career and  financial aid information.

– practice test that details weaknesses and provides links to specific study materials for remediation.

–A more flexible system to schedule and pay for tests one at a time,and test at more convenient times and locations.

–A free retake program.

For more information visit GED.com.