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Local student named to Scholastic’s list of coolest kids

Published: December 31, 2013, 3:59 pm, by Carol McGraw

Sara Volz, a graduate of Cheyenne Mountain High School, has been named to  the  Scholastic News list of “ The 8 Coolest Kids We Met in 2013.”

Volz, who is now a  student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,   has been studying algae for several years in high school and college. She  has won many national honors in science fairs. Her research involves finding an  inexpensive way to use algae to create biofuel. Algae contains oil, but is expensive to produce.  Her experiments focuses on  finding a way to grow an algae that would have higher oil content.

While in high school her  algae experiments sat in f lasks on her parents kitchen counter.

The Scholastic News  announcement noted that  Volz and the others  are   “the most inspiring, courageous and innovative kids featured in the magazine this year.”

To see a profile of  Volz, visit www.scholastic.com/aboutscholastic/files/SaraVolz.pdf