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Distinguished Schools of the Year named

Published: October 18, 2013, 11:47 am, by Carol McGraw

Two schools have been named Title I  Distinguished Schools of the Year  by the  Colorado Department of Education.

The winners are Nisley Elementary School in Mesa County Valley School District 51 and Swink Elementary School in Swink School District.

Nisley was chosen for closing the achievement  gap.  About 66 percent of the students were proficient or advanced on state tests in reading; and 62 percent were proficient and advanced in math. Nearly 80 percent of the students are impoverished.

Swink was chosen for the exceptional student performance award.  About 92 percent of the students scored proficient or advance on the state assessments in reading or in the top 15 percent of elementary schools  in the state.

They were chosen out of 600 schools. To be eligible  schools have to be at least 30 percent minority, have  40 percent of students impoverished, and the school must have  200 or more students.