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Your kids’ sporting events: love them or hate them?

Published: October 14, 2013, 2:30 pm, by Carol McGraw

Did you spend the weekend watching yet another of your kid’s soccer games?

If so, you might find this survey a validation (or not).

–68 percent of moms say that their children’s involvement in youth sports causes stress in their lives.

–24 percent say it causes conflict with significant other over time, money, driving and harsh reactions to kids who didn’t play well.

–76 percent say they’re happiest when their children’s sports season is over.

65 percent say their kids’ sports interfere with their jobs.

The survey , highlighted in a news release, was conducted for i9 Sports, a Tampa Bay, Florida youth sports league franchise that has more than a half million members. Four-hundred mothers were surveyed. The organization, which says it is trying to change the sports culture for the better,  has only one  game a week, and one practice, which is held the same day as the game.