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Ramsey: Ronaldo, Portugal earn tie with United States in fantastic soccer game

Published: June 23, 2014, 8:32 am, by David Ramsey


I realize several million American soccer fans are still stinging after Sunday’s 2-2 tie with Portugal.

But it was, no doubt, a fantastic soccer game.

Even American coach Jurgen Klinsmann had to admit the obvious.

“Well, when you get scored on in the last second, it’s unfortunate,” Klinsmann said. “But I think it was an amazing game, amazing performance by our guys, nothing more you could ask for.”

Well said, Jurgen. And you’re doing a superb job, even if you did cut Landon Donovan.

Heading into the tournament, American fans would have been thrilled to claim a win over frequent tormentor Ghana and a tie with Portugal, ranked fourth in the world. Yes, the Americans can achingly close to another victory.

Then Ronaldo delivered one of the great passes in recent World Cup history.

Ronaldo is not known for his toughness, or his passing. He confirmed both. His pass to Silvestre Varela in the 95th, and final, minute was as close to perfect as any pass you will ever see, whether delivered  by hand or foot.

What a game.