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Knicks interested in Nuggets Brian Shaw for coaching vacancy. Why?

Published: May 21, 2014, 8:13 am, by David Ramsey

Keep hearing the New York Knicks are looking at the Nuggets Brian Shaw for the team’s coaching vacancy.


Shaw was at the helm this season for the Nuggets collapse. Denver finished with a 36-46 record while Shaw clashed with Andre Miller and could never quite figure out what offense he wanted to run, Shaw has potential as an NBA head coach.

But he failed to show much of that potential this season. The Nuggets won 57 games in 2012-2013 with George Karl as head coach.  The Nuggets dropped 21 games in the win column with Shaw guiding, kind of, the way.

Still, for mysterious reasons, the Knicks appear to have interest in Shaw. How could The Zen Master, Phil Jackson, sell Shaw to Knicks fans, who are among the most rabid in sport?

I have no idea.

This, from ESPN’s Marc Stein:

The Knicks still have interest in Denver Nuggets coach Brian Shaw but do not currently plan to ask the Nuggets’ permission to speak with him. Because league rules restrict teams to offering only cash or draft picks as compensation for coaches, and not players, sources say New York fears it likely can’t meet the Nuggets’ demands if it were to try to get Shaw out of his contract.

Jackson is a longtime Shaw fan who, sources say, would have had the Nuggets coach atop his wish list (along with Kerr) had Shaw been a coaching free agent this summer. But the Knicks’ barren cache of draft picks would appear to snuff out any hope of extricating Shaw from the last two years of a three-year contract that averages roughly $2 million per season.