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Air Force great Fisher DeBerry talks about the downside of texting

Published: May 20, 2014, 5:56 am, by David Ramsey


Fisher DeBerry talked a couple years ago about his philosophy of recruiting. His old team, the Air Force Falcons, could use some help in the area of recruiting. Lack of talent doomed Air Force to a 2-10 record last season.

“I would have trouble myself if I was a young guy recruiting today,” DeBerry said. “Just staying in contact, it’s tough. If you don’t text a recruit 20 times a day, he thinks you don’t love him.

“With texts, you can’t hear the reflections in his voice. You don’t know the emotions behind a text.”

DeBerry spent decades roaming America looking for players to compete for his Falcons.

“I didn’t talk about football very much whenever I went on a recruiting visit. I told them I would work their butts off. That’s the only thing I promised.”