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Ruins and Colorado College hockey and Air Force football

Published: April 2, 2014, 11:25 am, by David Ramsey



Troy Calhoun

Last week, I described the Colorado College hockey program as being in a state of “ruins.” I recently used the same word to describe Air Force’s football program.

Nobody from Air Force protested, maybe because the Falcons finished 2-10 in 2013.

But I did hear from several CC fans who spoke against my use of “ruins” in connection with their favorite hockey team. These protests came after CC finished with seven wins in 37 games this season.

One reader said my use of “ruins” constituted “sensationalism.”

I’m not backing down from using “ruins” to describe the current state of CC’s hockey team and Air Force’s football team.

But I am curious.

How would you describe CC’s hockey program? I keep hearing about a one-season slump, but this is more than a one-season slump. The Tigers are 43-59-13 in the past three seasons.

Same with Air Force’s football team. The Falcons beat nobody that mattered in disappointing the 2011 and 2012 seasons  on their way to a total 2013 collapse.

If the Tigers and Falcons are not in a state of ruin, what state are they in?

Let me know.