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Redskins honor Native Americans? How can this sorry franchise honor anyone?

Published: February 1, 2014, 8:22 am, by David Ramsey




NEW YORK -NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is taking the cowardly, safe approach. He’s obviously not going to seek to persuade Redskins owner Danny Snyder to change the offensive name  of his franchise.

“This is the name of a football team,” Goodell said Friday at his annual press conference. And the name, he said, has been “presented in a way that honors Native Americans.”

Let me ask this question:

How can the NFL’s most confused and confusing franchise honor anyone? I’m Scottish, and I rejoice that the franchise run by King Buffoon Snyder is not known as DANNY SNYDER PHOTOthe Scots.

Goodell claims 90 percent of Native Americans support the Redskins moniker, but he’s just guessing. He’s quoting a highly disputed poll. There has never been a comprehensive examination of Native Americans’ views on nicknames/mascots/monikers. In my conversations with Native Americans, I have yet to meet a woman or man who supports the nicknames/mascots/monikers, but my examination is not scientific either. Goodell wishes 90 percent supported the moniker, but this is just wishful thinking, nothing more.

And he never answered the question. He was asked if he would call a Native American “redskin” to his or her face.

Goodell wandered around the subject for several moments. He never answered this valid question.