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Broncos Welker fires back at Patriots Belichick, AKA The Evil Genius

Published: January 30, 2014, 9:03 am, by David Ramsey




Wes Welker spoke the truth about his unexpectedly violent collision with Patriots defensive back Aqib Talib in the AFC title game. The play was just your average pick route. Average, that is, until Talib and Welker collided, and Talib went down with a leg injury. The next day, Patriots coach Bill Belichick accused “the receiver” of intentionally trying to injure Talib. Belichick was grumpy in a way only Belichick can be grumpy. He would not even speak Welker’s name.

Welker responded with the truth in an interview with The Boston Herald.

“€œIt’€™s a rub play that everybody runs,” Welker said. “It’€™s one of those deals where you try to get a rub on that guy, and really, if you can get him to go over the top of you, the more separation the other receiver will have. That’€™s what I tried to do to get Demaryius (Thomas) a little more open, and unfortunately, we collided.”

Welker even confirmed he’s run the same route with the Patriots.

“We ran the same play,” Welker said.

Welker was asked why Belichick hates him. (Hate, in my mind, is too strong a word. Despise, maybe. Dislike. Not hate. Too strong.)

“I don’t know if he does,” Welker said. “That’s a question for him.”