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Broncos playoff wins: Manning 2, Tebow 1

Published: January 28, 2014, 1:07 pm, by David Ramsey



For several months, I heard often from the most fanatic fan base in America. More fanatic than Taylor Swift’s. More fanatic than Elvis Presley’s.

Yes, I heard from those who adore and support Tim Tebow. Listen, I’m not trying to dismiss these supporters. Those who adore Tim Tebow have reason for their frustration. Tebow delivered an honorable season as the Broncos starter. He carried a flawed version of the Broncos to the playoffs. And, yes, he led the Broncos to a stunning upset over the Steelers in the playoffs.

But these Tebow admirers could get a little bizarro. During those months I heard from Tebow supporters, they had a favored statistic. I heard this statistic, oh, about 189 times.

The stat was this:

Tebow had one playoff victory with the Broncos. And Peyton Manning, despite leading the Broncos to 13 wins in 2012, had zero.

So, Tebow supporters, let me offer an update on that stat you cling to so tightly.

Manning now has two playoff victories with the Broncos. And Tebow still has one. He will have that one forevermore. The number isn’t going to increase.

For some reason, I no longer hear from the Tebow Legion.

Wonder why.