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The truth about Peyton Manning and Bud Light

Published: January 15, 2014, 1:15 pm, by David Ramsey




Peyton Manning recently scandalized those in Our Great State who adore beer. While trying to distract listeners from a question about his retirement, Manning said he was not pondering life after football.

No, he was pondering an upcoming encounter with a Bud Light. Remember, he spoke these words in a state that deeply, maybe even desperately, loves its craft beers.

Why didn’t he instead mention Fat Tire? Or Dale’s Pale Ale? Or 1554? Or Laughing Lab? Or … This could go on for awhile. There are dozens and dozens of astoundingly wonderful beers brewed in Colorado. OK. Just one more: Or 90 Shilling?

Here’s why:

Peyton Manning is the kind of person who drinks Bud Light. This is not a knock on his character. This is just an observation of who he is. Peyton Manning is the kind of guy who would drive to a liquor store somewhere near his mansion in Greater Denver, consider the dozens and dozens of beer options and choose a Bud Light.

And that’s his right. His mistake, too, but definitely his right.