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Patriots win, but is there celebrating in the streets? Ah, no

Published: January 12, 2014, 3:33 am, by David Ramsey

BOSTON – The Patriots defeated the Colts on Saturday night. It was an impressive win, but the victory did not inspire dancing in the streets here in Massachusetts.

This state is in a different state than Colorado. The Bruins, Celtics and, especially, the Red Sox have earned strong allegiance over the years. In Colorado, most sports fans are Broncos fans first with the Rockies, Nuggets or Avs a distant second.

That’s not the case in New England. I’m not saying the Patriots do not have a throng of fans. I am saying the level of intensity of this fandom is not at the same level as Colorado.

But fan support is not the primary reason for power in the NFL. The players supply the power.

And the Patriots, led by crafty quarterback Tom Brady, looked utterly mighty against the Colts.