Bears make big mistake, place their future in Jay Cutler’s erratic hands

Published: January 2, 2014, 2:01 pm, by David Ramsey

CUTLER AND BRONCOS IMAGEThe Chicago Bears have placed their future in the shaky hands of quarterback Jay Cutler.

Cutler has thrown 75 interceptions since 2009. He just employed the same right hand he used to toss all those interceptions to sign a seven-year contract for about $18 million per year. This includes at least $50 million in guaranteed money, according to ESPN.

Cutler is, of course, one of the most controversial and disliked athletes in recent Colorado history. He left the Denver Broncos after he clashed with coach Josh McDaniels, who remained semi-popular at the time. There was a fear among Broncos fans when Cutler departed that the franchise had lost an elite quarterback.

That fear has not come true. Let’s be clear: Cutler is mega-talented. but he doesn’t produce mega results. He’s somewhere in the top half of NFL starters, but he’s never quite become elite.

And he never will.

Teammates struggle to connect with Cutler, a complicated, surly soul. Those who play alongside him suffer from his wrath and his moodiness and his strangeness.

Defensive backs from opposing teams, on the other hand, understand him all too well. Cutler is madly and desperately in love with his powerful right arm, which leads to sensational throws. It also leads to interceptions. Cutler is often the best friend of both teams. He’s far too erratic and reckless to deserve a seven-year commitment along with $50 million.

Here’s one last surprise from the Bear’s baffling commitment to the forever untamed Jay:

Last season, Cutler earned $14.718 million.

That was 11th on the NFL’s list of highest-paid quarterbacks.