Palmer’s Reggie Jackson can win NBA title in Oklahoma; In Colorado?

Published: December 18, 2013, 9:36 am, by David Ramsey

Strong column in today’s Gazette by my colleague Paul Klee about former Palmer mega-star Reggie Jackson, who is earning more minutes with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Jackson is a versatile, extremely talented shooting guard who has the current misfortune of playing the same position as the even more versatile and talented Russell Westbrook.

Paul makes an understandable suggestion for Jackson’s career. Paul suggests Reggie depart Oklahoma City and return home to Colorado to play for the Nuggets. Opportunity, and minutes, would abound at Pepsi Center.

But can Reggie win an NBA title in his home state?

If Jackson remains with the Thunder and their young duo of Westbrook and Kevin Durant, there’s a strong chance Reggie will someday reign as NBA champion. His chances aren’t nearly as strong with the Nuggets, who have been hovering above mediocre for a decade without ever quite making the leap to mighty. I don’t see the Nuggets making that leap anytime soon.

Jackson could soon face a choice. Does he want to go elsewhere, escape Westbrook’s oppressive talent and grab the chance to become a team’s best player? Or does he remain in Oklahoma City because he wants to wear an NBA title ring?

I’d go with the second choice.