Former Broncos great Floyd Little praises current great Peyton Manning

Published: December 11, 2013, 9:36 am, by David Ramsey

Floyd Little was, for a brief time, the Denver Broncos. In the early 1970s, Little dominated the franchise, lifted it to near respectability. He led the NFL in rushing in 1971 while running behind a less-than-dazzling offensive line.

One of the better Broncos history arguments/questions is this:John Elway

Who is the greatest running back in Broncos history?

The possible answers are Terrell Davis and Little.

Talked with Little on Monday about the current state of the NFL and the future of Wes Welker. Little offered strong views of what Welker should do as he decides when he will return from his freshest concussion. That Little/Welker column will run next week in The Gazette.

Little also talked about his admiration for Peyton Manning.

“He’s an unbelievable quarterback,” Little said. He watched Manning’s superlative performance in Sunday’s 51-28 win over the Titans, a performance that took place  in frigid conditions.MANNING PHOTOX

“He had to show that climate doesn’t make any difference in his ability to play the game,” Little said, laughing. “He’s in a very, very elite class of quarterbacks. In his era, there’s nobody like him. There are guys who were as effective, guys who were just unusual quarterbacks. Joe Montana is one, but John Elway is the closest thing I’ve seen to Peyton Manning  and fortunately the Denver Broncos had them both.”

Little remains an unabashed Broncos fan.