Hans Mueh speaks forcefully in support of embattled Troy Calhoun

Published: December 6, 2013, 11:26 am, by David Ramsey

Troy Calhoun just lost 10 games. He has not lost the support of athletic director Hans Mueh.

I spent 45 minutes talking with Mueh this week about the state of the football program. Mueh is a realist. He understands changes must be made with the program’s struggling defense.

But he remains a believer in Calhoun.

I asked Mueh if he is concerned about Calhoun’s focus on football. Calhoun spends most of his time with the media talking about subjects other than football. He talks about graduation. He talks about the rigors of academy life.

Football? Not so much.

“I think that’s a fair question,” Mueh said. “I think his persona is a clear result of this season. I don’t think that’s the inner persona of Troy Calhoun. He certainly is focused on the best leaders for America but he is consumed by football, absolutely consumed. You never want to have a debate with him from 10-12 years ago about what happened in game five. He is more detail oriented than anybody I’ve ever been around.

“To me, he is one of the most brilliant tacticians that I’ve ever been around.”Troy Calhoun