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There’s hope – really, there is – for Air Force’s embattled football team

Published: September 27, 2013, 12:34 pm, by David Ramsey

Air Force’s football team is taking the concept of struggling somewhere beyond the realm of struggling. The defense has allowed 150 points in the past three games, including 42 in one half against Wyoming, and the offense just lost its leader, Jaleel Awini, to suspension. Coach Troy Calhoun will be starting his third different quarterback in five games.

And yet …

There is reason for hope. Limited hope, for sure, but hope nonetheless.

Nevada’s defense had not a clue against the Falcons last season. Not a clue. Air Force could have rushed for 600 yards if not for a couple fumbles. The Wolfpack never came close to figuring out Air Force’s complex option offense. A repeat is possible when the Falcons arrive in Reno on Saturday.

And anything – anything – is possible in a service-academy rivalry. Air Force will be an underdog next week when they travel to meet Navy, but the Falcons have a strong chance at an upset just because when Air Force and Navy meet anything can happen. I can almost guarantee the game against Navy will be close. It’s always close.