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Burglaries at medical marijuana dispensaries declining

Published: March 29, 2013, 4:03 pm, by Daniel Chacon

Medical marijuana is shown in a jar at The Joint Cooperative in SeattleThe number of break-ins at medical marijuana dispensaries has been falling since a high of 40 burglaries in 2010, according to documents obtained by The Gazette.

“The steady decline is a welcome sign believed to be a result of the strict guidelines requiring increased security measures,” police spokeswoman Barbara Miller said in an email.

“Hopefully, the year-end statistics for 2013 will reveal a continued decline,” she said.

The Gazette asked the police  department to provide statistics on the number of burglaries at medical marijuana dispensaries after back-to-back break-ins over the weekend where $38,000 worth of medical cannabis and infused products were stolen.

Here are the stats:

2009: 13

2010: 40

2011: 34

2012: 29

2013: 4