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Gun liability bill introduced in Senate

Published: February 27, 2013, 3:50 pm, by Megan Schrader

Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, introduced a bill Wednesday that would make gun owners, sellers and manufacturers liable for damages caused by assault rifles.

Senate Bill 196 would allow lawsuits to be filed against sellers, distributors and manufacturers if they violate a law in the transfer of a firearm or fail to “use the highest degree of care” or don’t properly vet buyers.

Read the full bill here.

The bill defines an assault rifle as a firearm other than a handgun, shotgun or bolt action rifle.

Of the legislation dealing with gun violence introduced so far this session, Morse’s is considered the most drastic by many gun-rights advocates.

Four bills have already passed the House and will likely be heard in Senate committees next week. Those bills would limit high-capacity magazines to 15 rounds, ban concealed carry on college campuses, create universal background checks and charge gun buyers a fee for the background checks.

Republicans have called the proposed legislation an assault on the Second Amendment right to bear arms and something damaging to the public’s ability to defend themselves.

Also introduced Wednesday was a Senate bill to require classes for concealed carry be done in person and not online.