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Most Colorado College fans abuzz over hire

Published: May 9, 2014, 5:14 pm, by Joe Paisley

hockeyTiger fans weighed in early and often on the hire of new coach Mike Haviland on Friday. Here is a sampling of what they had to say on Facebook:

“Great move! He reached out to CC because of what he experienced from former players. That is a testament to Scott Owens. I just hope he can bring back a competitive team and earn the loyalty of entire student body,” Joel Bagley

“I’m excited about what Mike can bring to the program! Was it what I expected-no, Do I have concerns- of course…but over all I think this change will be great for the team and I look forward to seeing it happen,” Fawn Steadman

“Mike Haviland is a bold and unexpected pick. He has a great personality and hockey mind for the college level and style. I predict this will lead to more creativity and will put the Tigers back in the top half of the league,” Randy May

“Haviland joining the Tigers gives us fans hope. The ultimate goal every season is to win the national championship and Haviland puts us on that path,” Aaron Rogers.

“Looking forward to seeing what he brings to our team! Excited for next season! Go Tigers!!” Michele Peretto-Ortega.