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CC recovers from flu bug in time for series

Published: February 7, 2014, 9:11 am, by Joe Paisley

DC 3The Tigers headed to AMSOIL Arena on Thursday after several missed practice earlier this week due to contracting the flu over the bye weekend. They play No. 17 Minnesota-Duluth this weekend.

All the Tigers looked fine and skated well in Thursday night’s one-hour practice.

“We look OK,” Tigers coach Scott Owens said.

Most of the eight injured by the end of the Miami series took advantage of the bye week to heal up, although sophomore forward Peter Maric and junior goalie Courtney Lockwood, both with upper-body injuries, stayed in Colorado Springs along with sophomore Hunter Fejes (lower body). Lockwood was able to practice.

Sophomore wing Jared Hanson will serve a one-game league suspension on Friday for checking from behind after the whistle, done in retaliation for the hit that injured Maric, against Miami two weekends ago.

Senior Michael Morin and freshman Matt Hansen are both healthy but stayed behind in Colorado Springs. Hansen is practicing well but has only three sessions in since being cleared to return after an injury to his midsection, Owens said.