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City spending $2 million to patch up roads

Published: July 15, 2014, 6:11 pm, by Monica Mendoza

Colorado Springs-based Trax Construction was the lone contractor to bid on the city’s $2 million pothole project.

The company recently was awarded $1.5 million of the $2 million in emergency money that the City Council approved from the city’s rainy-day fund.

The city’s street manager Corey Farkas, during Mayor Steve Bach’s monthly media briefing Tuesday, said the city expects to award the remaining $500,000 to Trax within the next two weeks.

The company was hired this summer to work on the city’s pothole riddled streets. The city’s street crews repair nearly 30,000 potholes a year. But last winter beat up the roads so badly that Mayor Steve Bach asked the City Council to take money from the city’s rainy-day fund to repair the streets.

Farkas said the contracted crews are doing more than filling up the holes. The crews are cutting out square patches of road and repairing the road down to the core. He did not have an estimate on how many potholes would be repaired or how many lane miles of road would receive work.

But he said he sent the contracted crews to the areas where the city received the most calls, “you could say they are the worst of the worst areas,” he said.

The road work should continue through the summer and be complete in October.