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Council president won’t consider sale of CSU electric division

Published: July 11, 2014, 5:27 pm, by Monica Mendoza

Colorado Springs City Council president Keith King opposes selling any part of the Colorado Springs Utilities. Here is his statement:


“The number one issue that I heard about when I was running for City Council was Colorado Springs Utilities.  I usually heard two things.  First, customers want low rates and they believe that by the city owning and running the utilities that can be accomplished.  I did not encounter one person who believed a sale of utilities would be of benefit to the rate payers of Colorado Springs.  I was against creating a dollar value for the sale of utilities when  I first came on the board and  we saved $500,000 in doing so.  I openly opposed selling utilities during my campaign and will continue to keep it locally owned and governed.  I also have promised that I will try and maintain not just competitive rates but low rates.  I will continue to honor that commitment also.  I believe that low rates can be a strong economic boost for Colorado Springs.  That is why I will work to moderate rate increases and try to keep the expenses of utilities rising slower than inflation.  I believe we have a lot of opportunity to continue to improve honoring the desire of our rate payers to have low utility rates.”