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Council president King defends long meetings, says name calling goes both ways

Published: April 16, 2014, 6:11 pm, by Monica Mendoza

When it comes to public name calling among city officials, the snipes go both ways, said Colorado Springs City Council president Keith King.

King faced a room full of City for Champions supporters Tuesday when organizers of the project held the third monthly meeting.

When the questions rolled in for King, they came by text message to the moderator.

None of the questions were related to City for Champions.

“What is the City Council doing to attract young professionals?”

“Are your twelve-hour meetings keeping citizens from participating?”

“Is there a chilling effect on name-calling in the press?”

King said after the meeting he was not bothered by the questions.

He outlined the city’s new tax free zone at the Colorado Springs Airport, which already is showing the promise of new businesses relocating to the Springs with high-paying jobs, he said.

The long April 8 City Council meeting included a five-hour public hearing on an appeal of a gun club. King said there is no limit on the number of people who can speak during an appeal hearing.

And the name-calling goes both ways.

“We try to be professional, yet open,” King said. “That process is at times blunt. I don’t take it personally. I hope the mayor doesn’t either.”