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City Council delays confirmation of three Urban Renewal Authority Board members

Published: March 25, 2014, 10:07 pm, by Monica Mendoza

City Council postponed a vote to confirm three of Mayor Steve Bach’s appointments to the Colorado Springs Urban Renewal Authority Board.

Bach appointed Valerie Hunter, Nolan Schriner and Peter Scoville to sit on the nine-member board, which oversees restoration and redevelopment of designated areas in the city that are considered as blight.

The board also will have a significant role in the proposed City for Champions project, which includes a downtown U.S. Olympic museum and a downtown sports and events center to be built in a designated Urban Renewal Area.

Council member Don Knight said he did not have time to interview the candidates and asked council to delay the confirmation vote until April 7.

Bach urged the council to vote Tuesday as scheduled. He said the board has many issues before it and did not want a delay. The city’s director of Human Resources Mike Sullivan said the delay and additional interview scrutiny could have a chilling effect on the recruitment of future volunteers.

“Please don’t allow a chilling effect to be introduced into the volunteer process,” he told the council.

Council voted 5-3 to delay.