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Utilities predicting no watering restrictions this summer due to lots of winter snow

Published: March 21, 2014, 5:46 pm, by Monica Mendoza

This summer, when residents are watering their lawns on any day they please, they ought to thank Mother Nature for dropping lots of the fluffy white stuff.

At the moment Colorado Springs Utilities officials are prediciting that there will not be a need for summer watering restrictions. Utilities expects its water storage to be above two years of demand, with current yield projections.

Snowpack has improved in the Upper Colorado Basin and is 131 percent of average, according to Gary Bostrom, Utilities chief water services officer. He briefed the Utilities board this week. He put in the caveat that Utilities constantly is monitoring the snowpack and the reservoirs. But, “at this point it does not seem like we will need to use the water shortage ordinance,” he said.

Still, the Utilities board is in the process of making small revisions to the Water Shortage Ordinance — which outlines when water restrictions kick in — that it will have handy just in case drought conditions take a turn for the worst.

The City Council will host a public hearing on the Water Shortage Ordinance March 25 at City Hall.