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Take a leap: Apply to be legislative assistant for City Council

Published: February 26, 2014, 7:20 pm, by Monica Mendoza

The Colorado Springs City Council is looking for a new legislative assistant.

The Council’s last assistant, George Culpepper, was fired by Mayor Steve Bach in January.

The job, which pays $3,841-$4,801 per month, was posted Monday. The last time the Council was hiring for this postion, more than 100 people applied.

This is what a legislative assistant would do: 

  • Research and analyze complex policy issues; prepare and present alternatives, legislation, and amendments to legislation to Council members and committees; draft amendments to proposed legislation; and prepare written reports
  • Serve as an advisor to Council members by reviewing and evaluating existing and proposed legislation and make recommendations to shape policies that may have a significant impact on the City’s resources, priorities, and direction
  • Coordinate and participate in Council meetings by overseeing department/agency presentations, obtaining additional information for Council members, and documenting Council direction
  • Review and track requests for legislation
  • Act as a technical expert on the City’s legislative process by providing guidance to Council members and others on legislative processes and procedures
  • Recommend changes in procedures and processes to enhance the functioning of the legislative branch of the City and ensure that Council powers and duties granted are observed according to the Charter
  • Compose technical work products such as Charter amendments, ordinances, and resolutions
  • Proofread and edit the technical works of others

Deadline to apply is March 24.