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Phone poll asks about a recall on Council President King

Published: February 3, 2014, 8:32 pm, by Monica Mendoza

Colorado Springs voters in District 3 – the Broadmoor area – were asked this weekend in a phone poll if they would support a recall against Council President Keith King.

A New York-based polling firm made the calls, but so far no one is taking credit for the poll, which also asked voters to rate King, El Paso County Commissioner Amy Lathen, Colorado state representative Bob Gardner, and Mayor Steve Bach.

Broadmoor resident Deborah Cole said the caller made this statement: “Keith King lied to the people. He said he would collaborate and he hasn’t been collaborating. How do you feel about this?”

Cole said she was appalled by the question. “I think they call these push-poll surveys. But this was a hatchet job masquerading as survey. They read a statement to poison the opinion of people who might not already have an opinion.”
The survey lasted about 10 minutes. Broardmoor resident Mary Harold said at the end of the questions, she asked who was sponsoring and paying for the survey.

“The phone went dead,” she said.

A spokesman for Bach said the mayor had no knowledge of the phone poll and did not want to comment on it.