City looking for a Deputy Chief of Staff, Mayor will head economic vitality

Published: December 17, 2013, 11:20 pm, by Monica Mendoza

It seems there is great interest in becoming the Colorado Springs Deputy Chief of Staff. The job had been posted for 36 hours and more than 40 candidates from across the country applied.

The pro: It pays from $95,340 to $131,088 a year. The con: It’s an at-will position, meaning it’s easier to fire than a typical city employee.

The position is new and would report directly to Chief of Staff Laura Neumann. It was listed in the 2013 budget as a Chief Economic Vitality Director. But Mayor Steve Bach rather enjoys that role and decided not to hire anyone, Neumann said.

“Mayor opted to fill that role himself,” she said. “He enjoys it and sees himself in that role.”

Instead, the position was redefined as one that would assist Neumann in daily operations, work with the City Council and help with optimization, which can include outsourcing city services.The deputy chief of staff will be a troubleshooter, especially in areas of business process issues, and will lead efforts in the mayor’s strategic plan.

The new deputy chief of staff will need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, public administration, political science, public policy or a related field. And, the new deputy must have eight years full-time management experience, including three as a department head.

The deadline to apply is midnight Christmas Day, Dec. 25.

 “I’m anxious to fill the position after the New Year,” Neumann said. “I have put together a panel for the interview process to begin after the holiday. I hope to fill the position in February.”