2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner

Kevin Bacon chugs coffee at downtown Pikes Perk

Published: June 3, 2014, 11:04 am, by Jen Mulson

Kevin-Bacon-Wallpaper_So, say Kevin Bacon walks into the Perk Downtown coffee shop one Tuesday morning about 6:30 a.m. And he orders a cup of regular coffee, while wearing his Ray-Ban sunglasses and a baseball cap. He sits for about 30 minutes quietly reading what looks like a script, and as soon as it starts to get busy, he bails.

If I then interview the manager of said coffee shop, one Ashlynn Moore, who helped serve Bacon, does that give me two degrees of separation from the iconic actor?

“He was really quiet and low-key,” Moore said about the actor who strolled in for a cuppa joe Tuesday morning.

A Google search leads one to believe he might be in Colorado filming a new movie, “Cop Car,” about a sheriff whose car is stolen by two teens who take it on a joy ride. The film is being shot entirely in our fair state.

Edited to add: A Facebook source said he’s in town shooting something at a local production studio.

Keep your eyes peeled, Colorado Springs. And mass kudos and brownie points to whoever can get a selfie with the prodigious actor. Send ‘em to us!