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Romine, three other QBs recognized for military honors

Published: January 14, 2014, 11:26 pm, by Brent Briggeman


Air Force recently sent out the press release pasted below, citing military honors for 51 members of the football team. The honors require a 3.0 military performance average.

The list includes some of the team’s top players, including running back Anthony Lacoste, guard Moshood Adeniji, center Michael Husar, receiver Sam Gagliano, fullback Broam Hart and safety Dexter Walker. Also included were the four quarterbacks that appeared on the depth chart this year, save for the now-departed Jaleel Awini. The four listed were Kale Pearson, Karson Roberts, Nate Romine and Pate Davis.

Romine’s inclusion on the list was one that especially stood out. The direct-enter freshman was thrown to the fire on the football side, taking over as the starter halfway through the season — making his first start against Notre Dame, of all teams — and he showed glimmers of hope for a team otherwise stuck in a dismal season. That Romine was also able to not only keep up but distinguish himself with regards to his military achievements during this period says a lot about the young man who may be running the offense for the next three years.



Air Force football team has 51 earn military performance honors


 U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo. – The Air Force football team had 51 team members earn military performance honors for the fall 2013 semester. Cadets must earn a 3.0 military performance average (MPA) to earn the honor.

 “You have a direction and a culture that guides people to realize that it’s accepted, and most of all, respected to be a leader of character,” Air Force Head Football Coach Troy Calhoun said. “The Air Force Academy is a very challenging and hard place, but those that graduate will have the mettle that we want serving our nation on active duty and beyond. If you’re one of the few that struggles to grasp what it means to have the integrity and regard for others that we want in an Air Force officer, you forfeit the privilege that must be earned to be a part of our football program.

 “There are so many high quality young people in our program and here at the Air Force Academy that grow to understand what leadership, performance, and mutual respect is all about,” Calhoun continued. “It’s what makes it so meaningful to recognize these football team members. This is a remarkable accomplishment to have 51 cadets who earned over a 3.0 MPA and are Fighting Falcons.”

The football team also placed 42 players on the Dean’s List in the fall semester, as well as posting a single year APR of 993 for the most recent cycle and has a Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 93 percent with the most recent NCAA release.  

 A complete list of the team members to earn a 3.0 MPA or higher follow: Moshood Adeniji, Kevin Carrington, Austin Hayes, Michael Husar, Jr., Anthony LaCoste, Will Conant, Harrison Elliott, Sam Gagliano, Broam Hart, Colton Huntsman, Jared Jones, Blake Kidd, Kale Pearson, Christian Spears, Greg Franklin, Reed Allen, Luke Brantley, Aaron Clinton-Earl, Gary Davis, Gen Goirigolzarri, Andrew Holba, Karson Roberts, Matt Rochell, Tim Shenk, Paco Solano, Arinze Uzo, Dexter Walker, Eric Wermuth, Jason Black, Nick Blohm, Steve Brosy, Joe Carl, Allen Caunitz, Kellen Cleveland, Andre Daughtery, Pate Davis, Bryan Driskell, Nick Feely, A.J. Goggin, Hunter Nancock, James Hanley, Brayden Hill, Roland Ladipo, Austin Merz, Nate Romine, Josh Self, Anthony Smith, Dylan Vail, Garrett Watts, Tyler Weaver, Garrett Wooten.