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Air Force coach shares memories of Hall, who was cut Wednesday by Kansas City

Published: November 14, 2013, 4:25 pm, by Brent Briggeman

Former Air Force standout Chad Hall took to Twitter shortly after losing his job with the Kansas City Chiefs, wishing luck to the organization and proclaiming there was more to come from him.

“My journey won’t end here!” Hall wrote.

This certainly could be it for Hall, who had just one catch this season for the Chiefs and has made a career out of bouncing between practice squads and one of the last two or three spots on NFL rosters.

His climb from the Falcons to a Super Bowl appearance with San Francisco and a lucrative NFL career was more than a bit surprising, and to no one more than his coach during his breakout season at Air Force.

Well, surprising in that Hall had to overcome his size and military commitment to get there. As for the confidence and drive, Hall had that all along.

Troy Calhoun recalls with clarity the first time he met Hall. It was in January of 2007 and Calhoun had just recently been hired by the team. He held a team meeting and ended it with instructions for every player to stop by his office for a get-to-know you session.

About three minutes later, Calhoun had a knock at his door from a kid who stood about 5-foot-8 and was maybe 180 pounds.

“I saw this guy and I thought, ‘Who is he? What’s his role? Does he spot balls for us or help us stack towels?’ Then he stuck out his hand and said, ‘Coach, I’m Chad Hall. I’m the best football player you have.’”

Hall proved to be just that, finishing third in the nation in all-purpose yards.

In the final game, a bowl game against Cal, Air Force lost quarterback Shaun Carney in the third quarter.

“As soon as Carney went down I had someone grab the side of my shirt or pullover,” and he said, ‘Coach, put me at quarterback and we’ll win.’

“It was Chad Hall.’”

Hall is out of the NFL for now, but he’ll no doubt soon be tugging someone’s shirt looking for another chance.