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Air Force and Wyoming: All that didn’t fit in print

Published: September 20, 2013, 12:10 am, by Brent Briggeman

The buildup to this week’s football game between Air Force and Wyoming provided more than we could squeeze in the paper. Here are some of the highlights that didn’t make it:


Wyoming coach Dave Christensen on…

Air Force QB Jaleel Awini: “He’s very athletic, and usually that’s the case with an Air Force quarterback. The one thing that he’s a little bit different is that he’s a pretty good thrower. He’s 2-dimensional in that way. Sometimes they’ve had guys who maybe weren’t as great throwing, but this guy can throw the football and he’s also athletic and so he’s a threat running the ball.”

The various offensive looks Air Force has shown this season: “We’re responsible to be ready for whatever they present. Hopefully we’re covering all of our bases and will be well-prepared for Saturday’s game.”

Preparing for Air Force given all those different offensive looks they’ve presented: “They’ve always been tricky to prepare for. They are different from what we see on a weekly basis from an offensive standpoint. There are a lot of things to prepare for and they’ve presented a lot already in a very short season.”


Air Force weighing in on Wyoming QB Brett Smith…

Linebacker Joey Nichol: “He’s pretty fast and pretty athletic, just like Chuckie (Keeton) was. That’s how we’re treating him. … It’s good that we have played someone like him. We’ve got that going for us.”

Coach Troy Calhoun: “Has quite a knack for improvising. … He’s as good a quarterback as we’ve played.”


Weighing in on the 8:15 p.m. start time…

Air Force running back Jon Lee: “It’s going to be a day full of meditating, getting my mind right and trying not to get distracted.”

Wyoming QB Brett Smith: “It’s going to take forever. Night games are fun, but the wait is going to be tough.”

Air Force coach Troy Calhoun: “It’s not like our guys are used to getting 12 hours of sleep every night.”

Air Force DL Alex Hansen: “It’s kind of rough just having to sit in your room all day and think about it. But we’ll deal with it.”

Air Force FB Broam Hart: “I hate waiting. I just want to get into it. I hate anticipation. 8:15 a.m. or p.m. doesn’t matter to me.”



Troy Calhoun, illustrating the inexperience of his team, noted that only three players on his team played more than five snaps when the Falcons played at Boise State two years ago: “So we’ve just got to get to where there are more guys, who, when we play, have background. The only way you gather background is by going out and partaking.”