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Air Force football starting lineup (or our best guess at it)

Published: August 21, 2013, 10:19 pm, by Brent Briggeman

With 10 days remaining before the season opener against Colgate, this is the starting lineup Air Force appears to be going with on offense and defense. Note that parenthesis are used where a “backup” will likely see significant time.

This list was not released from Air Force, but rather compiled from observations. It does not necessarily account for players who are missing practice time with injuries but may return. So, in short, it represents our best guess. These are, however, educated guesses.

Of course, any or all of this could change at any time before, during or after that first game. But this seems to be the starting point.


QB: Kale Pearson, jr.
FB: Broam Hart, jr.
RB: Jon Lee, jr. (Anthony LaCoste, sr.)
WR: Myles Barnes, soph. (Jalen Robinette, fr.)
WR: Sam Gagliano, jr. (Ty MacArthur, sr.)
TE: Garrett Griffin, soph.
LT: Matt Rochell, soph.
LG: David Lore, sr. (Drew Kerber, sr.)
C: Michael Husar, jr.* (Austin Hayes, sr.)
RG: Moshood Adeniji, sr.
RT: Jerry Henry, sr.



DL: Joseph Champaign, jr.
DL: Dana Luebbe, sr.
DL: Alex Hansen, soph.
OLB: Kristov George, soph.
ILB: Spencer Proctor, jr.
ILB: Joey Nichol, jr.
OLB: Reggie Barnes, soph.
CB: Gavin McHenry, soph.
CB: Steffon Batts, sr.
S: Christian Spears, jr.
S: Jamal Byrd, jr.

*-Husar is listed as a senior, but it is believed that he will be granted a medical hardship following a knee injury last year and will remain at the academy next fall for an extra semester and be eligible for another season during that time.