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Indentifying Lyons’ good luck charms

Published: February 19, 2013, 4:27 pm, by Brent Briggeman


Air Force basketball coach Dave Pilipovich offered a theory as to why Michael Lyons went off for 45 points against Colorado State on Saturday.

“He seems to play well when his parents are there,” Pilipovich said. “I noticed before the game that his dad, who lives in Virginia, was sitting behind our bench.”

Lyons wasn’t quite as convinced that his parents’ make a difference in his game, though he did conceded some of his top performances have come with them in attendance.

“I think it’s just total coincidence,” the senior guard said. “It has worked out to where every game he’s been there has been a pretty big game, but I guess they’re just my good luck charm.

“I don’t try to do anything else different, it just happens to work out that way.”

Another contributing factor may have been a pregame haircut. Pilipovich, who is painfully superstitious, advised against Lyons getting his hair buzzed Saturday morning. Pilipovich had received a pregame haircut years ago and has since avoided the practice. When Lyons said he had previously had one and it preceded a win, Pilipovich gave the go-ahead.

No word if the scissors or Lyons’ parents will be making an appearance Wednesday in Boise.