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My take on Wyo coach Christensen’s postgame ‘speech’ to Calhoun

Published: October 14, 2012, 11:38 am, by David Ramsey

Dave Christensen had reason to be irritated with Troy Calhoun and Air Force’s football team. Yes, Connor Dietz’s exit from the field after he lost his helmet in the fourth quarter was suspicious. Was Dietz really hurting? Let’s just say he pulled almost exactly the same exit after losing his helmet against Michigan. (NCAA rules dictate a player miss a play after losing his helmet.)

But Christensen had no grounds for such public fury. Why did he choose to shout at Calhoun on the field?

You got me.

Wyoming had plenty of time to salvage victory. It’s not as the Dietz exit was a massive factor in the game. The Cowboys had every chance to win.

And they didn’t.

There’s a place for restraint in life. Christensen would have been much more wise to wait a day or two and call Calhoun to express his displeasure.  Or he might have asked a Wyoming athletic official to call Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh to register a protest.

Acting out on his rage in front of several thousand people was indulgent and silly. It cheapened Christensen. It cheapened the Wyoming football program.