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Second phase of Mountain West TV deal still being worked out

Published: June 21, 2012, 12:13 pm, by admin

June is a time of relative peace and quiet in the football world, unless you’re waiting for a television package to be put together by your conference.

The Mountain West announced the first phase of its football television schedule on May 3. Included in that announcement was plans for the second phase – working with television partner CBS Sports Network and schools to add games on regional and local platforms. That was seven weeks ago, and schools might be starting to look nervously at the calendar because there will be a third phase to figure out.

The Mtn. isn’t around to broadcast the unselected games, so schools will be given the rights to any games that aren’t included on the television schedule after the second phase is announced. The schools will weigh their options for those unselected games – such as local television, internet streaming or not broadcasting the games at all. While schools have been preparing for that for weeks, it’s impossible to make definite plans without knowing what games they will have rights to.

A league spokesman said the TV committee has been working on the issue for several weeks and the Mountain West hopes to have an announcement soon.