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All-Military Classic on USS Yorktown not official yet, but close

Published: June 21, 2012, 12:54 pm, by admin

The last piece of the puzzle to put the All-Military Classic basketball event on an aircraft carrier seems to be figuring out the final details for a television broadcast of the championship round on Monday, Nov. 12, and if the visiting schools could stay an extra day.

Mike Whalen, the executive director of Morale Entertainment Foundation, said plans to have Citadel, Air Force, Army and Virginia Military Institute play on the USS Yorktown are still moving forward. There’s a good chance the first round will be played Saturday, Nov. 10 on the ship, a day after a men’s game between Ohio State and Marquette and a women’s game between Notre Dame and Ohio State are played on the carrier. The second day of the event is still being worked out. Whalen said he has been in contact with Air Force about travel arrangements if the championship round finds a broadcast home for that Monday and the Falcons have to stay an extra day.